True Knowledge Exists

The world around us is like an oyster, if we are willing to open it up, we may find a pearl.  As knowledge of life opens up, we build brick and mortar the works of our endeavors.  Continuing to build piece by piece our life.  As the building continues, there could be a point that a wall is right in front of you.  You could imagine standing right in front of your life.  On one side, you look up at what you have made and realized the work of your life is monumental.  Knowing this, what do you really know?

Looking back, each piece is made up of giving you a hand in shaping in accordance to your life.  In the process of building, one can look at each piece.  Then you can ask yourself why something is.  Is there wear and tear?  Does it fit?  Is it color coordinated?  Does it match?  Questions are good to ask.

At a certain point of knowing, you may realize a question of where are the windows?  You just created a wall that could withstand the breath of the big bad wolf, yet not much light is inside and the neighbor’s voice dim’s as well.  The wall just became an impenetrable fortress, but to what avail?  At that point, you realize you are just hearing yourself building and building.  Windows help with the connection with the world versus just yourself.  Thus, you have a door that can give an invitation inside and where you may come to life as well.

There are things that we feel to know, though how could we really make better means if only to build a wall.  If looking back, in the beginning, we opened ourselves to life as though as fresh students of life’s adventure, living in a life of transparency in a way.  Transparency as opposed to a solid color.  Light goes through clear glass, not so much in the smokey tints.  Could one become a clean slate to overcome the wall that builds between you and life?

With all the knowledge gained, there can be an tendency to reinforce a wall type of thinking.  We need to free ourselves from enclosing what you know as knowledge of what you have gained.

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.  – Socrates

Photo by Andrew Preble on Unsplash

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