Simply… Just Sit

Suppose you wake up for a 5 o’clock in the morning shift, hitting the snooze button to get that little ounce of rest to move the blankets right off the bed getting you up to get ready.  Right off the bat, you turn on the bathroom faucet giving a moment for the water to become warm.  Letting breakfast sit for a bit, because it just got off the burner.  Starting the car, you turn on the heat just enough to remove the fogged windows.  On your way to work, you drive through the normal traffic until arriving.  Then work mode kicks in and you go from one task to another.  During your break, you pull out your phone to checkout the news.  After work, you pick up some groceries for supper and hit the gym.  On your way home, you turn on some tunes and arrive home.  After dinner, you go prepare your the new day and off to bed for the new day.

Well, this sounds like a pretty good day.  Though, something that can be unnoticed in the constant need to go.  We must go from one task to the next.  At times of rest, you pull out your phone to check the headlines and the Saturday meetup activities.  Still in the moments of rest, you are on the go.

There is some body activity going on.  There is some mental activity going on.  Even other activities that we may not be aware of are going on.  It is like however, we reflect that little gyro that points our heading of ourselves.  There is a push in the direction.  Imagine a flag on the ship.  If winds from the east blows, the flag waves in that direction.  If the winds blow from another direction, it moves points towards that way.  Though, if there is no wind, it sits.  Likely with a sail, the direction of the wind is goes with the ships sailing direction.  We blow the wind to point our flag’s direction.  We are in a way reflecting the flag of our ship.

At some point, we need that moment of sitting.  Suppose there are two of you.  You can imagine a track that circles around like in an olympic park.  There is a you that is on one lane and a you on the other.  Your double stands ready as you prepare by placing your feet on the foot pedal launchers.  Ready, set, go!!!  You both go.  You are neck to neck, running together at a good pace, and even giving a smile to each other.  Then suddenly, one of you begin pushing ahead.  The other is still going.  Then you go around.  Well, this track isn’t a normal track.  There are no finishing lines.  So that means that you are running with your you on the other lane.  The other you is just trying to catch up, so you may run together.  When you rest, your partner comes up and rest with you.  After a little stretch and your on your way again.

We can learn that sitting gives enough time for you to catch up to yourself, thus giving you the proper energy and rejuvenation dually needed.

Suppose now that yourself is composed of the body and mind.  You can do many tasks in a day, but you may feel a bit tired.  Ever notice some days having a hard time getting up.  Perhaps, the body is a bit sore to move an ounce.  So you sit on a chair.  How about when you do sit on a chair, then you pull out facebook and tweeter or some activity.  Your body and mind needs a moment of rest together.  It is important as it is part of our cycle of restoration to have a complete rest.

There is the topic of our spirit where I would really love to blog about.  We have the body, mind, and spirit as a sacred trinity.  In all our life, we can be on the go.  Suppose on our track, we have all three alongside each other.  At the beginning of our life, all three go along on the track of our life.  There is a point where one is trying to catch up to the other.  Then instead of running alongside, it turns to a whole chasing game of cat and mouse.  Though, it wasn’t the point intending.

Did you ever sit quietly with your back straight, not moving, just cherishing the beauty of silence? – J. Krishnamurti

Well, here is what I could recommend as a good solution to our daily activities.  This is just a small measure that could help toward rejuvenating ourselves as a whole.  Let’s simply do after a day of work, before coming home to just sit at a nearby bench, table, or even grass.  Sit near your work or in a good place that is quiet (at times at home, you may be on the go again).  Sit for 10 to 20 minutes.  When you are sitting, don’t do anything, just simply sit.  Make sure not to be distracted (that means your devices need to be turned off).  If it could help, you can listen to some tunes (in a way, it is like listening to the environment, just helps if it is noisy, try tunes that are easy, soft for the ears).  Make sure you are on a comfortable spot.  You may open or close your eyes.  Try to be in a place that is fresh.  Fresh air is good, possibly a place with clean air.  Then sit.  For that moment you are giving yourself for the chance to come together again.

Being on the go all throughout our day is something that could be easily missed, we first need to become aware of it.  There are many things that could help with tiredness, though a great way is to go back to the simple method of sitting.  Sitting is a core activity needed for ourselves in our daily strive toward life.  Hope you all can restore your self to tip top shape.  Simply, just sit. 🙂

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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