What Pulls You Upward and Downward?

To kickstart the career in our lives, there should be a recognition of what is best for us to achieve our highest ambitions.  We are living in a life with movements pulling upward and downward.  Pulls from right to left could be occurring from little to big, all while factors of life’s nuances shows up at our door steps.

Activities in are life could be simple to come to mind, yet can go on unobserved.  The first step is to bring up the awareness of activities that could benefit a better possible future.  At the same time, the step includes the awareness of what hinders the better possibilities.

There is a pulling effect in life.  Suppose there is a line that goes on throughout your whole life.  The line moves up and down depending on progress.  Progress is in the direction that you try to make to better yourself.  Ideally, progress goes gradually upward toward a fulfilling life.  However, there are pulls that inhibits us to reach our destination.  The line can look like a graph similar to that of the stock markets.  Usually, the nature of our life goes up to a point, plateaus for a moment, until another hike.  Even a downward pull would eventually come back up.  Here are 5 steps in possibly finding the source of the upward and downward pulls.

1. Purpose:

It is good to find out the purpose in your life.  You can build your environment in a way that is coherent with your purpose.  This is so that you can try to make life work with you.

2. Greater Activities:

It is easier to spot the greater activities that you are making.  These activities include your current job, the place you are living, financial needs, to the friends you hang out with.

3. Lesser Activities:

These are finer that includes what you do in your daily practice.  An example is what you are spending your time on.  Time even though is great, could be unnoticed, yet is to be respected.  The way you travel to work could be another.  Suppose taking a scenic route is a breath of fresh air, while the early commute could waive the traffic.

4. Habits:

There are good habits which you can strive to keep.  On the flipside, there are bad habits which prevents you.  Coming from you are little shades of grey that could ruffle your feathers a bit.  Habits are defined as a tendency or a practice.  If in tendency, habits could come as a reaction, which may seem small, but could impact in a larger way.  Try to notice these habitual situations and seize if possible.  In practice is an act of will at the initial stage and could flow with your on going efforts.  Just make sure it is working with your life.

5. Needs and Wants:

This is what stirs quite a bit: the needs and wants.  Needs are necessities that help in better ways of your life.  Wants can overburden your life if not attended.  It could be obvious to understand what are needs versus the wants.  It may be good to wipe the wants clean from the picture to help give the proper leeway for needs to go with your life better.  However, they both have a play which fills our life.  It can’t be to strict.

These are just examples of recognizing the pulls in our lives.  The order is important from purpose, greater, lesser, habits, and needs/wants.  This is a process to objectify our life in a way that fits our needs.  Remember that life is not to be perfecting the many ways that could make life better.  Nevertheless, life should be simple and you should also become aware of the life you are living.  Remember that walking on stairs has steps, as for life has steps too.

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

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