Secret to Success

Our smallest actions comprises into our biggest action.  Each action is a building block toward the greater goal.  While endeavoring toward the targets in life, there are even those that we do not see.  These could be rooted within our personality, habits, feelings, and even sensations of life.  Within the small acts a greater act unfolds.  Thus, this brings up to live life in a meaningful way giving the magic touch to the life within the greater.  Simply by giving meaning within our lives, shall we be able to unfold the secret to success.

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Eyes of Our Grandchildren

What is so special about seeing the world through the eyes of our grandchildren?  Growing up in the mainstream world could be like life flashing before your eyes with life culminating to this very day.  From the day being educated either by the educational system or just by life itself with the wheels and thrills of the world, we step our feet into the deep end of the pool.  In the deep end of the pool, you swim.  You move between two bodies, underneath the surface of the water and above.  Life has its mysteries in the deep in of the pool.

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The Moving Mind

What is a moving mind?  When a mind moves it is in a state of transition from one state to the next.  While in this state of transition, your main focus is exchanged with circles of activities.  While flowing throughout the routines of activities that come about, your main focus becomes drawn outward to the exchanges.  Shopping through the senses, you realize you are becoming averted from your primary focus.  This could even invite distractions.  Thus, be free from the aversion.  When the mind is moving around and around, it is not still.  This makes a lot of activity.  When you come to a point when you realize a lot is going on, just give a moment and let the mind sit still.  Then come back to your main focus.

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Honesty and Truth

Imagine that life is a path.  Within that path are corridors that lead you through the path.  If you live in honesty, your life would be as easy as can be.  But with a lie, you create a junction.  A junction could go in the way of your choosing.  Then another lie comes by again and again, then it turned out you created a maze.  Sometimes the truth is hard to come by, yet life should be easy breezy in a way.  Come out of taking the truth in a personal manner and accept the truth as it is.  Clean up the lies and your junction go away.  There is no need to complicate life with a maze.

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Great Mirror

In the nature you pursue, the way you are is how your life gives to you.  Your life will constantly try to match you to your request.  You can be striving for success toward a new found career.  So then you explore the maybe’s peering just over the hill of your circle of possibilities.  Then, you are touched with the fragrance of that you put yourself in.  Along the way, when you touch life in a good way with love, respect, and harmony even bringing out courage, resilience, and faith, your world becomes filled with that.  How will you fill your life to cultivate toward a better world for you?

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See With Your Heart

Remember that even though we can see with our eyes, our heart points to what we see.  Suppose a boss comes in and corrects you.  While one may take it hard, another could see that it is a valuable lesson.  Volume depends on how you take it.  There are things that could be taken personally, though remember about our body, mind, and spirit.  Let it not affect you personally, so that with seeing with your heart, you may learn the truth without the emotional stirrings.  Thus, you may move to a good understanding as well as giving peace to yourself, others, and life.

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