Secret to Success

It’s always important to try your best in all you do.  But sometimes, we can go to great lengths just to help.  But suppose it seems like nothing is being achieved.  In this case, you have to build from the ground up.  Each building block has its use.  But when you start by performing the big tasks, you could be missing something valuable in between.  While everybody is trying to make an impression for themselves or to others, we can forget the small acts of life.

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Eyes of Our Grandchildren

What is so special about seeing the world through the eyes of our grandchildren?  Growing up you will live through experiences.  And every new experience, you will find wonder in it.  However living in the mainstream world could be like life flashing before your eyes with it culminating to this very day.  Through the system of education or have a busy job or thrills of the world, when you have lived through much of it.

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The Moving Mind

What is a moving mind?  When a mind moves it is in a state of transition from one state to the next.  While in this state of transition, your main focus is exchanged with circles of activities.  While going throughout the routines of activities that come about, your main focus can become drawn outward to the exchanges.  Shopping through the senses, you realize you are becoming averted from your primary focus.  This could even invite distractions.

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You Don’t Have to Complicate Life

Imagine that there are pathways in life.  Within that path, there are corridors that lead you through.  If you live in honesty, you don’t have to lament toward past deeds.  But with a lie, you split the path into a junction.  A junction contrast simplicity toward complexity.  Then another lie comes by again and again, then it turned out you created a labyrinth or maze.

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The Great Mirror

In the nature you pursue, the way you are is how your life gives to you.  Your life will constantly try to match you to your request.  You can be striving for success toward a new found career.  So then you explore the “choices” peering just over the hill of your circle of possibilities.  Then, you are touched with the fragrance of that which is there.  Along the way, when you touch life in a good way with love, respect, and harmony helps to bring out courage, resilience, and faith.  Then your world becomes filled with that.

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Seeing With Your Heart

Remember that even though we can see with our eyes, our heart points to what we see.  Suppose a person comes in and corrects you.  While one may take it hard, another could see that it is a valuable lesson.  It depends on how you take it.  There are things that could be taken personally, though remember about our harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

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Feeling Most Secure

At times feeling unsteady, imagine that you are a tree with roots deep in the soil.  Raging waters come rushing, hits the tree, only just passing.  Many leaves float away as undressing the tree, though branches and trunk unstirred.  Even the strong winds move along with the waters at the top point of the tree, yet the tree is not pulled from the soil as it is seated well on the ground.  The tree is securely rooted within the soil.  We are like this at times, yet remember to have good roots, thus we may feel most secure.

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