Reason for Everything

Carefully look at each aspect of our life.  The universe lets us experience them for a reason.  From the highest and even lowest times, there is a reason for it.  Investigating the simple to substantial, one could discover the truth about our life and find reason for it to exist.

Begin by walking to the essence of the reason, flip over the stones at each moment of our day to day lives.  Look from above as we are looking from our universe, like an astronomer mapping each turn of planets and arrangements.  From left to right, step lightly, yet be strong in our steps in a good and wise manner.  To really understand ourselves, needs patience, tolerance, and endurance, values to uphold by.  And remember not to close ourselves from the possibilities of life, just be as the teacher that opens the door letting those in who need to walk in.

There is a reason for everything. – Anonymous

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

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