Our Internal Bandwidth

It is just a thought, though it might be worth investigating about the awareness of our inner bandwidth within ourselves.  Creating an inner bandwidth that could be widened or narrowed, it is up to you.  Inside of ourselves is a kind of network that flows internally like a stream or river of waters and channels.

Naturally, as water flows through an inlet, the land widens or narrows, according the water flowing through.  While rain pours over a storm, waters gushes out and a little stream widens.  In times of drought, the river narrows to a stream or could come to puddles like islands between the Earth’s surface.

In the same way, we have this quality within ourselves.  We can have a bandwidth within ourselves through what we do, by giving time and attention and through the process of giving and receiving.

Just throwing an idea out there may be hard to grasp, though with an example, we may better understand through experiences in life.  This process of bandwidth also goes through our habits and practices alike good or bad.  Here is an example that could be stretching a bit on realism, though is a good real experience in teaching about this phenomena of bandwidth within our internal body.  On top of your head, your body gives natural oils everyday to you as well as throughout your body.  Suppose, you wash your hair everyday cleaning every bit of oil on your hairs, your body naturally recognizes this and supplies with new natural oils everyday.  If you miss a day cleaning your hair, your body still gives oil to your hair and your hair becomes greasier each day of not cleaning.  Then your body begins to recognize that it is giving too much oil.  So then not as much oil surfaces along the scalp of your head.  Your body responds to you and self regulates (if you have to ask, there is a way to control the oily hair in a method of not shampooing everyday).

While going through some measures of healthy living, one can learn a great lesson of life

There are bad habits that could be fixed by not giving the attention or action to it.  How about habits of time?  Suppose coming to your job late, you are basically training yourself to be late.  Your body and mind listens to you.  There is a point where you stretch the limits.  Possibly, you are given a 5 minute grace period.  You train yourself everyday to come close to that 5 minute grace period.  Your body and mind adjust to what you are doing.  Instead, be aware of habits in your life.  Come at 5 minutes early as a way of respect, even in the way of giving respect is a way giving to a good bandwidth in your life.

If you focus on happiness, you will become happier.  On the flip side, if anger, then more angrier.  Emotion has a pool within us that flows and a bandwidth that become big, small, or just right.

Simply put, if you are learning, you become a better learner.  In our physiology, the brain improves, not in the sizes of monkeys or animal in general, but patterns in our brain waves and signals have a better connectivity.  You become better receptive to education as well as to others around you.  Your heart grow too, love thy neighbor, you become more loving.  Thus, love enriches in your life.  As mentioned before, giving respect gives respect more in your life.  Thus, improves your inner bandwidth of respect.  Really, try it and you will notice life in the respects you give.

The mind is everything, what you think you become. – Buddha

Buddha quotes that the mind is everything and what you think you become.  In what you put your focus on, you will become that.  In the same your way, you are creating a bandwidth of that in which you are becoming.  By giving your energy toward an activity in life, you become better receptive to it.  By giving less energy, you become not better receptive to it.

Remember that to practice in recognizing your inner bandwidth, you need to practice in good discipline.  Be aware of your habits and practices.  Be aware of your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.  In all hopes, you can better your internal bandwidth of your life.  Then, you may be able to better your life in all respects.

Photo by Maxime VALCARCE on Unsplash

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