Time with Efficiency

In a way, time is like a relationship, there is a need of respect and care.  To apply time well, there is a need to be on time.  By centering oneself with what we may give time to, we can become on time.  Thus, giving the best with the time at hand.

This means to not be distracted by things taking us away.  Moving your attention toward a distraction moves that relationship with the task at hand.  With a sudden distraction catching your attention, you become averted to something else.  While your mind moves, it is in a state of readjustment, where your time and energy focuses on refocusing.

By respecting and caring for time, we give enough time to do what we need to do.  Hence, time with efficiency.  This means not to have too much going on or too little.  It is not to be in a state of traffic of busyness or having much slack.  Instead, keep yourself centered, undistracted and focused to being on time.  Make sure that there is a good order in our time as our relationship with time can be better centered.  This means to have a good schedule so you and time can be better situated.  In our schedule, there are special points, like tasks at hand in our daily life and even our life to come.  Once we become on time, there are no worries and we can be sure that we have applied time well.

One always has time enough, if one will apply it well. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Photo by Kevin on Unsplash

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