You Don’t Have to Complicate Life

Imagine that there are pathways in life.  Within that path, there are corridors that lead you through.  If you live in honesty, you don’t have to lament toward past deeds.  But with a lie, you split the path into a junction.  A junction contrast simplicity toward complexity.  Then another lie comes by again and again, then it turned out you created a labyrinth or maze.

It’s can be hard to speak the unpleasant truth.  If you don’t speak the truth, then a lie could lead you toward much sufferings.  These sufferings are as a result from dishonesty leading to a bewildered pathway of your life.

Sometimes the truth is hard to come by, yet life should be easy breezy in a way.  Come out of a torrent of complexity.  Keep your path straight so it’s not led to many junctions.  Clean up the lies and your junctions leave.  You don’t have to complicate life.

It’s better to speak the unpleasant truth than to tell lies. – Buddha

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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One thought on “You Don’t Have to Complicate Life

  1. Honesty really goes a long way!

    Lies can start small, but shrouds the purity of your mind. It is kind of elusive and subtle as it may be, but somehow can cloud your way of living. It also affects your character and others around you. You can turn your world upside down starting with a small lie. It can build and build leading to complexity.

    Even an unpleasant truth can build up inside and come out in some way.

    It may be hard to discern whether to speak truth, but use your best judgement.

    Thus, it is good to stay truthful. Staying true to yourself reflects the world you live.


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