Eyes of Our Grandchildren

What is so special about seeing the world through the eyes of our grandchildren?  Growing up in the mainstream world could be like life flashing before your eyes with life culminating to this very day.  From the day being educated either by the educational system or just by life itself with the wheels and thrills of the world, we step our feet into the deep end of the pool.  In the deep end of the pool, you swim.  You move between two bodies, underneath the surface of the water and above.  Life has its mysteries in the deep in of the pool.

After swimming for a bit, the way of describing the swim might not be as captivating as before.  As in life, we go into our lives and work.  Paddling away at assignments and pursuits, we tread in deep waters of our lives.  From a small pool to a bigger pool, there might be a tendency to get use to it.  The magic of life might tint.  The pool becomes just a pool.  The swim, just a swim.  The magic of the experience wanes.  Though, we must remember the eyes of our youth, where we were open to the road stepping foot into life for the first time.  We need to regain our innocence.  Not to block ourselves from the fresh tone the world gives.  We learn about the world for the better, creating a better world for ourselves.  In essence, we connect to life.  From our times of youth, we learn the nature of our world in freshness.  Thus, life becomes special again.

I’ve always enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes of my grandchildren. – Neil Sedaka

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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