From Best to Better

Sometimes you try to get good at something, but it just seems that there is no avail to it.  However, you keep trying nevertheless to stay on top of it, you do what you can, keeping it on the forefront of your mind, until you find yourself in the range where there is a glimmer of hope.  And just as your rate of success increases, you start to find the best in you which had been there all along.

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In The Heat of Battle

Riding your steed toward the heart of the battlefield waving your sword, the field opens up as the horizon becomes a field of soldiers engaged with each other.  Rushing into battle and waving the sword as mighty as it can be, your enemy fights hard.  While fighting may seem like a good answer to a problem, there is a peaceful way around this.  Life is made of moments and moments can amplify in many ways.  So adding to the fight just fuels the fire.  Instead of adding to a fire, there are other tactics that could help bring ease. Continue reading “In The Heat of Battle”

Re-centering Ourselves

There are moments in life that we can touch when life moves slow, but fast.  Busying around while trying to walk at pace, something stirs the pot that you set forth on your day.  Your boss comes straight out of the office after an intense conversation, much emotion stirs.  Suddenly, the storm is right at you and giving you the 411 of the problems.  You have a decision to make.

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Facing Moments of Truth

While squaring up facing the moments of truth with life’s challenges, ready for action, you jump right in.  Soon you discover that life hands it to you and you take hold in a match toward a new adventure.  The match is for a title, endeavoring in reality’s stronghold, you equip yourself and lunge forward.  In countless efforts, you draw yourself out of that turtle shell to face life’s test.  But to no avail, you come back to the drawing board to figure the next step in resolution.

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The Tortoise and the Hare

While there are many interpretations of this Aesop fable story, it is a wise old tale that we all grew up to…

A Hare was making fun of the Tortoise one day for being so slow.

“Do you ever get anywhere?” he asked with a mocking laugh.

“Yes,” replied the Tortoise, “and I get there sooner than you think. I’ll run you a race and prove it.”

The Hare was much amused at the idea of running a race with the Tortoise, but for the fun of the thing he agreed. So the Fox, who had consented to act as judge, marked the distance and started the runners off.

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The Greatest Fight of Life

While trying to overcome the greatest fight of life, the most is himself.  It is a life-long journey which can stretch beyond strengths and limitations.  While there could be seemingly a point where you can look back at yourself and find that you have accomplished so much.  These accomplishments are strides and efforts toward a greater development in character, values, essence, and will.  Continue reading “The Greatest Fight of Life”