Ideas in Transit

Working with our imagination, we can create possibilities within impossibilities.  Though while forming our thoughts, giving its proper direction, getting loose ends taken care of, going over the right and wrong ways, even sorting the good from the bad and vice versa, we need to come up with how to bring our thoughts into reality.

These thoughts are moving ideas.  An idea by definition is a conception existing in your mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity.  It could be a notion, opinion, or belief.  Though the thoughts which surface are only ideas that are in a transitional period.  It will periodically return to see if you are ready for it.  It could mean it needs other ideas to make it more tangible.  When it comes to, then you can come up with a good idea.

When you are ready, you can bring it up again to reflect and contemplate.  You will find that there are lower and higher ideas.  Whether you bring it up to the surface or let it be, it’s up to you.  This is when you can mold an idea and go through a thought process.  And you can do this to your heart’s content.

While thoughts and ideas are amazing to understand, try not to be stuck in your head.  It’s important to go through a thought process.  Make sure you can see these objectively rather than in subject mode every time.  Look outside of the box.  This helps to not be in writer block or etc.  If of many, then piece by piece, bring the thoughts into reality, putting them together accordingly.  Find what works, so you may discover a better thought process.

A thought is an idea in transit. – Pythagoras

Photo by Clément M. on Unsplash

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