Quality of Change

When we really look upon ourselves in the entirety of life, we live in a constant evolution.  From one form to the next, there is an ever changing quality that repeats itself.  In the modern days, it can be easy to see that technology changing very rapidly from devices to other conveniences around the house.  Though by nature it goes through the spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Trees flower for a brief moment and then leaves stay for awhile, then falls.  We go through different emotions having happy times, sad, anger, laughter, complacent, and so on.

What is change?  When you look at change, it is when there is a difference from its natural or untouched state.  Change from different qualities is a transformation.  It can be something which is altered or modified.

It’s hard to have change when you are so used to a certain way.  Though looking at it objectively, it could be good or bad depending on your situation.  In a positive way, change allows to form new experiences in life and it is a solution from being stagnant or having obstacles which are hard to overcome.  However, when change is rendered, it can turn to starting something over again.

Why is change constant or permanent?  Without change, then it would hard to get out of a subjective or narrow point of view.  Though change gives a bit of variance to a certainty.  It keeps you out of tiny perspective and does add some variety as well.  Change is in everything, since everything is moving.  Hence there is a constant nature of change.

What do you think?  Is change important?  Does it help?  It gets you out of a small to big conception in life and at what cost.  Look into your life about change.  What does it do for you?

There is nothing permanent except change. – Heraclitus

Photo by Levi Price on Unsplash

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