The Three Gunas

When you live anew, it important to understand the three Gunas.  Gunas are in Hindu philosophy referring to 3 basics fundamentals in living.  Of the three, there are Rajas, Tamas, and Sattva.  Rajas is referred to “too much”, Tamas is referred to “too little”, and Sattva is referred to “in balance”.  In accordance to living, we need to be careful when in the mode of Rajas, life could be in irritation.  A juggler juggling too much grows tired much faster.  We could imagine life portrayed as a juggler as we all try multitasking in a way.  How about a juggler expressing Tamas; only with one ball?  Not a real juggler is it?  In the mode of Sattva, we could be in balance, not too much or too little.  Thus, life becomes good again.

Sattvic Gunas helps you form great habits, in the right places at the right times. – Sri Vishwanath

Photo by Aradhika Sharma on Unsplash

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