Find What is Essential

Water can carve through rocks and make paths so that it can slide down with ease.  It perhaps cannot be seen from a short amount of time, but it will certainly make its way through but to take a long while.  It has ever steady patience and diligence.  It works ever so hard etching away to the coating, exterior, and interior.  Until it finds its way, overcoming an obstacle and becoming an unstoppable force or until it reaches its destination.

While it’s hard to compare ourselves with water, especially the magnitude it can deliver.  However, instead we can follow its example.  It has its body of water and moves with gravity’s push and follows along a path whether its a stream or a river, it has remarkable perseverance in its power.  While it has an amazing force to break through stone even by a little stream, it doesn’t matter the size, it still can make its way only by the matter of time.  

We can have the ability to carve through our own obstacles which block us from finding true strength.  Water doesn’t have to worry about what it carries, because for what it does is the principle nature of water.  The daily increase in our lives leads to over-encumbrance when it comes to the increasing limits.  Instead, if we should carry only what is the necessity to carry, then we don’t have to over burden ourselves.  It’s not something to expect the results soon after, but also remember the patience and diligence of water.  

At a point in life, there is enough of taking in anything and it comes to trim life down to the essentials.  Hacking aways at our mound of increase to the to the essentials so we may not have so much unnecessary strain on our shoulders.  When you get to the essentials, and hack away at the unessential, you will find that life will move at a really good balance and pace.

It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential. – Bruce Lee

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

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