Wall Made of Mortar and Clay

As you build your life mortar and clay, each piece are like steps reaching to peaks, career moments, points to achievements.  Putting in your foundation, bricks become stacked according to your choices, though you try earnestly to have them well-placed.  

Along with the fight, you push toward that goal.  Then while in the midst, your steps in creating a good future, turned into a wall.  The wall was made brick after brick until it got to a point where your toes could step only so far.  The wall is you.  There is no reason to stop yourself in your tracks.  While making goals to achieve something in worth, you must get through barriers, walls, ego, etc. Walls could be kind of tricky.  When you look at a wall straight ahead it is what you see.  Now, lets go in a side step approach.  It will be much better to breathe in and will save you much energy.  It is definitely a load off your shoulder.  The wall turned into steps, just a bit of perspective needs to be changed.  The illusion of the wall disappears and you can go on your way.

There is no reason to make things difficult, rather than making strong straight pushes, go for a modest approach.  Lighten the tone a bit, even a gentle touch could help on the way, though always be earnest in your venture in life.

Who has a harder fight than he who is striving to overcome himself. – Thomas a Kempis

Photo by Siyan Ren on Unsplash

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