The Greatest Fight of Life

While trying to overcome the greatest fight of life, the most is himself.  It is a life-long journey which can stretch beyond strengths and limitations.  While there could be seemingly a point where you can look back at yourself and find that you have accomplished so much.  These accomplishments are strides and efforts toward a greater development in character, values, essence, and will. 

Those who put the work into himself can understand the greatest one can achieve.  It takes work rather than wasting it while on fleeting things.  The amount of effort is not perceived through a mere instant.  It is because it takes time and effort to develop breath and depth.

It is about each step that you take into bettering yourself in some way.  And when you do, you will find your real strengths and weaknesses.  Eventually, realization will come which claims you can have something worthy in yourself.  Though these qualities within cannot be stirred by normal means.  It cannot be shown and disregarded blatantly.  When you don’t go through the process, you can find yourself encapsulated by inadequacy of nothing really better, but a short end of the stick.  Real progress comes from an inner development which hones itself when it is ready.  In the meantime, you must take the proper steps according your development.

In “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius you can find the accounts about a man who is constantly trying to unite himself with an ideal envisioned.  The book titles “Meditations” also titles “To Himself”.  Which originally, the book is a collection of private notes to himself and Stoic philosophy.  While aware of his imperfections, he steadily strove to developing his inner life such as character, values, essence, and will.   This led to a virtuous way of life where a man can live true to himself.

The fight in life can be a long one, but it is worth achieving to overcome yourself.  Each trial has its course in due time.  When you go purposefully into the inner workings, you will find true strength which above all can preserver.  Be diligent and giving your earnest effort in this process.

Who has a harder fight than he who is striving to overcome himself. – Thomas a Kempis

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