Approaching Your Best

There is something about working.  Even doing your best, you become tested for that.  There comes a point where doing your best, you are faced with pushing to be greater than yourself.  Then it becomes to finding ways to surpass your greatest triumphs, yet a line of thought keeps coming in that there could be another way to improve.  Sometimes in the pursuit, you try really hard to improve, so you jump straight into action.  There could be much at stake, but you jump and jump straight up again and again.  While judged on the right angle of approach, you come to terms.

Doing your best is in the right attitude, though there is also a need in making better sense.  Choosing the right course of action.  Maybe instead of the straight up approach, try to side step.  In dancing, side steps could be used to let your partner in to get proper footing as you go around.  It also frees yourself to get a better course in the routine.  Side steps isn’t a totally new course of action, just a lighter approach.  When you are doing your best, you need to do the proper steps to give room for development.  Remember that the best is good, yet there is a special piece that is also needed that goes hand in hand.

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

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