In The Heat of Battle

Riding your steed toward the heart of the battlefield waving your sword, the field opens up as the horizon becomes a field of soldiers engaged with each other.  Rushing into battle and waving the sword as mighty as it can be, your enemy fights hard.  While fighting may seem like a good answer to a problem, there is a peaceful way around this.  Life is made of moments and moments can amplify in many ways.  So adding to the fight just fuels the fire.  Instead of adding to a fire, there are other tactics that could help bring ease.

Sometimes life may seem like a battle, especially at times in a moments turn.  Let’s not make fast reactions at these moments, instead come in calm and collected.  There could be an objective approach to be aware of.  Step back just for a moment to have a clear picture and understanding.  In that moment, you can prevent rushing needlessly into a battle.  When stepping back for a moment, you can question life’s moments to understand the right approach.  At times when in the heat of battle, your judgement could be at a test.  Therefore, you will have a better discernment where you can make the right course of action.

Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. – Sun Tzu

Photo by Mohdammed Ali on Unsplash

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