For a moment erase competition, then what are we left with?  While competition can be deemed as squaring off with players to a certain goal.  There are components that make up what one can fight for.  Usually, the answer is of winning or losing.  Investigating a bit in the turn, there is a drive?  In the cockpit of the drive, is the motive, purpose, and intent.  It could be the exercise, or down to the response of the action.  We could swing up to building physical and mental strength, also reflexiveness.  It could even touch on the feelings and just the pure sport of playing.

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Harmony with the Universe

While the conductor of a musical ensemble leads with the baton, there needs to be harmony from an instrument to the orchestra to have the whole piece come together.  This goes as of life.  Within our home, we need to tune ourselves in accordance to the life that we are leading.  Just like how notes match in a chord in music.  One may ask, how do we tune ourselves with life and nature?  You start with yourself.  You begin with what you can grasp.  Ask yourself a daily question about how to live in respects to harmony in life.  Questions of life can help keep the fire going inside of you.  You fuel yourself each day, the questions become deeper and precise in respects.  And your understanding becomes appreciative.  Growing in the nature of harmony, you will notice life in a chord.  You are the conductor of life.  With the universe, you will live in harmony.

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This is Love

Love works in the most mysterious ways.  In love, there is a special understanding to make sense of the sacred bond.  That sacred bond needs a mutual connection, not in the ways of individual directions.  With the many things that goes on in our heads, it could make a bit of separateness.  Instead, we need to listen to ourselves.  And ultimately to listen to Ourselves.  Not ourselves covered by individuality, though Ourselves as connecting to each other.  As we live with love in our hearts, we can gently peel away the hundred veils in our lives and discover true love.  And ultimately in love, we can move beyond steps and hold each other with open arms.

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Stepping Over the Line

There is a line somehow created to cross.  One side of the line, you can see plain as day.  The other side is the unknown.  While a line is just a line, you may perceive a gap.  A gap then needs a bridge.  If saying to yourself that the gap is large, then what you may be doing is making the gap bigger.  Then, the gap will be too big for you to agree to make a bridge.  Then, it becomes a cliff with one shore and another beyond the horizon.  While there are things we may perceive, there is a special link that goes beyond time and space.  We can call this link the possibility, hope, and love.  These are values that can go through gaps and even does not have to see the lines.  Once you have yourself together again, centered and ready, just step over the line.  Really, there is no line.

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Sum of Small Efforts

Thinking back an entire year, what has made you how you are today?  And what will help you in the course of your work from here on in?  We can bring the attention to our achievements, landmarks, points that help you in your progression to this very moment.  Try to bring up three for instance.  Now, what made the three possible?  These three possibilities are made from many instances generally the practices that culminate together to become the special points that we have in our lives.  Each instance on top of each other gravitates toward a goal.  A string of efforts joined to make up what we are.  They make up the possibilities in life.  As we put our perspective on the whole picture, we can find that efforts are not big or little, yet the intention we gives to the work is key.  With daily practice, putting our two cents goes toward a greater cause.  Put it in all that we do.  From here on in, let’s try to put effort into our work.  Effort in good intention, thus they can come together creating better success in our lives. Continue reading “Sum of Small Efforts”