Stepping Over the Line

It may seem not feasible to do something, because it is hard to foretell.  Suppose there is a line somehow created to cross.  One side of the line, you can see plain as day.  The other side is the unknown.  While a line is just a line, you may perceive a gap.  A gap then needs a bridge.  If saying to yourself that the gap is large, then what you may be doing is making the gap bigger.  Then, the gap will be too big for you to agree to make a bridge.  Then, it becomes a cliff with one shore and another beyond the horizon.

While there are things we may perceive, there is a special link that goes beyond time and space.  We can call this link something, but it is representing some value which is greater.  These are values that can go through gaps and even does not have to see the lines.  Once you have yourself together again, centered and ready, just step over the line.  Then, you will make your way to what you need to do.

The most effective way to do it, is to do it. – Amelia Earhart

Photo by Brage Neslein Korsnes on Unsplash

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