Harmony with the Universe

While the conductor of a musical ensemble leads with the baton, there needs to be harmony from an instrument to the orchestra to have the whole piece come together.  This goes as of life.  Within our home, we need to tune ourselves in accordance to the life that we are leading.  Just like how notes match in a chord in music.

One may ask, how do we tune ourselves with life and nature?  You start with yourself.  You begin with what you can grasp.  Ask yourself and question daily about how to live in respects to harmony.  Questions of life can help keep the fire going inside of you.  They can become deeper and precise in respects.  You provide yourself each day to nourish the deep love.  And as you keep the harmony in yourself, the chord becomes wholesome.  And your understanding becomes appreciative.

Growing in the nature of harmony, you will notice life in a chord.  You are the conductor of life.  With the universe, you will live in harmony.

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. – Marcus Aurelius

Photo by Manuel Nägeli on Unsplash

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