The Battle of Thermopylae

At the Battle of Thermopylae (“translated to The Hot Gates”), 300 Spartans of virtue and skill training all there lives in combat come face to face with millions against odds with the Persians army in an Ancient war.  Something can strike a bell recalling this monumentus movie picture.  Though, one can discover the history that uncovers the deeper accounts of what really happened..  How can 300 men best challenge such a stronghold?  While Spartans in the Greek period dressed in what nowadays could deem as spandex, shifting from past to present, a good pair of pants, dressed T-shirt, and a necktie would do just fine.  While we are faced in the battle in the modern world, coming out to the workforce, at times may seem like the odds are against us.  It may seem to take much effort in all directions to apply yourself.

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Intention toward Happiness and Harmony

There is an intention ever so subtle within the psyche that turns the wheels of our being.  This intention is carried forth with our actions.  Thinking, speaking, Doing, along with other forms of projecting ourselves forward, we can center ourselves with harmony.  Of course, understanding our center and harmony is needed to carry ourselves forward in the right direction.  Centering yourself where there is balance relating to the bigger picture, harmony comes to be.  The intention is very deep within you and you can give it direction with good purpose.  It is like that creative spark in the center of yourself that gives a kind of quality to your actions.  Be awake to the intention that we give and guide it toward happiness and harmony.

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The Challenge

In the adventure of discovering life, the road of learning the very nature of the meaning of life, enables us to find our true potential that we held within.  When in the quest of the meaning of life, the adventurer investigates deep thoughts that roots within humanity and the universe.  Discovering humanity, one might begin with the greatest questions of all time.  Who am I?  What is the meaning of life?  What is existence?  Questions arise challenge the adventurer.  These questions are questions of the purest forms to ask that man could ever touch.  While seeking, the questions lie not at the bottom of the normal, rather it reaches to the highest form of potential of human nature.  When on the path to our higher potential, days are not stuck in the mundane, life moves as you move toward self-discovery.  We instead become on top of our game.  While reading a little insight toward life, there is much hope that you can go on the pedestal of the questions of questions.  The hopes is for you to discover the truest expression of being human.  So take up the challenge and keep the fire inside of you in search for the meaning of life.

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Turning the Knob

While holding life on one hand, the other is held on a door to the unknown.  The unknown only needs you to turn the knob.  Though, you have already opened many doors.  Many knobs had been turned.  On the other side, you are faced with welcome, invitations, and love.  But in addition, there are chances of confrontation.  You received these experience opening the doors in your life.  So this time, before walking through the door you come with all those experiences that you had.  Imagine walking through a door with many yous, one of many experiences, all trying to go through the door at once.  Could you even fit?  If Physically, it is impossible.  Mentally, somehow, that makes it hard.  Though within you, you have the power to let go.  You can bring through that door, the experiences that enrich your life.  Of course, courage will walk with you, because there is nothing to be afraid of.  Courage will also bring friends, your good experiences that you will allow yourself to walk through that door.

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Discipline is a consistent focused practice of continual efforts.  While in the discipline you are centered.  While there are elements that could get you away from the center, you need to constantly keep yourself on.  Discipline is practiced not only in your own areas, the training ground sorta speak, it is practiced in every facet of your life. You move without thinking about it.  Rather, it becomes along the line of a conscious effort.  It is like a commitment you make that you are always keeping on check.  As it grows within you, the discipline becomes you.  It becomes your very essence.  Please keep your discipline up in love and care.  And respect in your daily life. Continue reading “Discipline”

Courage Freedom Happiness

Thinking about trouble shooting life’s challenges.  Upon opening the door, life gives you challenges to face.  Some tests can be too hard or too easy.  Though, life keeps them coming right in front of your door step.  In actuality, the challenge is made to fit for you.  You just need the right know how to overcome it.  Once overcome, you become free from what holds you.  Within a challenge, needs action.  So when life give you an invitation and you accepted, now it is your duty to try and make that effort.  It is your turn to come through that opened door.  It is easy to say that happiness is freedom, though to walk through that door, you need to go to the next level and have courage to move pass anything blocking you.  Just remember that life gave you the challenge to begin with that is right for you, so there is nothing to fear.  Step through to happiness with courage in heart.

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Living Life as an Adventure

Living life as an adventure is a road where you can learn and experience the true blessings of what life has to offer.  The course of life becomes an experience that extracts you into surreality and intensity of the test of a lifetime.  A life as an adventure, you live as every moment is meaningful.  You strive to unveil meaning in each moment, even while in the midst of fog or windy roads that could turn sharp.  You come back up from any breaks.  Life calls to you at every curve and bend that there is a reason for you to be there.  Optimism sprouts all around and grows inside of you.  You breath deep and release the clutch.  As miles unfold, you awake to the new stage of possibilities.   The fresh new perspective gives you rebirth steering toward the adventure.  Getting yourself together.  Life becomes worth living.

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