Turning the Knob

Can you find the courage to open the door to the unknown?  While holding life on one hand, the other is held on a door to the unknown.  The unknown only needs you to turn the knob.  Though, you have already opened many doors.  Many knobs had been turned.  On the other side, you are faced with welcome, invitations, and love.  But in addition, there are chances of confrontation.  You received these experience opening the doors in your life. 

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Discipline and Hard Work

Discipline and hard work is a consistent focused practice of continual efforts.  Hard work keeps your workmanship high, but it is the discipline which supports its integrity.  While in the discipline you are centered.  While there are elements that could get you away from the center, you need to constantly keep yourself on.  Discipline is practiced not only in your own areas as the training ground sorta speak, it is practiced in every facet of your life.  Continue reading “Discipline and Hard Work”

Courage Freedom Happiness

Upon opening the door, life gives you challenges to face.  Some tests can be easy or hard.  Though if your ready to meet them, life keeps them coming right in front of your door step.  In actuality, the challenge is made to fit for you.  You just need the right know how to overcome it.  Once overcome, you become free from what holds you.

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