Turning the Knob

Can you find the courage to open the door to the unknown?  While holding life on one hand, the other is held on a door to the unknown.  The unknown only needs you to turn the knob.  Though, you have already opened many doors.  Many knobs had been turned.  On the other side, you are faced with welcome, invitations, and love.  But in addition, there are chances of confrontation.  You received these experience opening the doors in your life. 

So this time, before walking through the door, you come with all those experiences that you had.  Imagine walking through a door with many yous, one of many experiences, all trying to go through the door at once.  Could you even fit?  If physically, it is impossible.  Mentally, somehow, that makes it hard.  Though within you, you have the power to let go. 

You can bring through that door, the experiences that enrich your life.  Of course, courage will walk with you, because there is nothing to be afraid of.  Courage will also bring friends, your good experiences that you will allow yourself to walk through that door.

To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage. – Georgia Okeeffe

Photo by David Edelstein on Unsplash

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