Fixing the Bed

Waking up in the morning, your radio kicks off springing you to action.  With your hand in a flurry reaching to hit the button to silence the alarm, the sound of a click and your first task was a relief.  I am counting on that you pressed the right button, not the infamous snooze button.  Now, it’s time to get out of bed.  We’re supposing a full size bed, married couples queen or king if befitting those with much need for space for the legs and arms to be free for a complete areal swing for two partners.  Up and Adam, you spark to life.

In the brief time of waking up normally it would be so fast.  Suppose you examine earnestly in the idea of gratitude in a moment.  You have a whole round of activities that come about in a day.  Your day is made up of many moments.  We could pick up a moment and be grateful for it.  A little exercise in showing gratitude is to describe the moment in a deep way.  It could be humorous if needed be.  Though, connect it with gratitude and give that moment life.  Even a breath can be a moment, that would certainly be a wonder to describe.  We can draw gratitude from all that comes our way, in all shapes and forms, and even moments through even that.  We just need to give it life.

After waking up, sprung to life, aligned with gratitude to open our hearts giving forth to the new day.  Now let’s fix the bed. 🙂

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. – Henry Ward Beecher

Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

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