Natural Harmony

While along the path of making our life and the world better, we need to understand the meaning of harmony.  Harmony is in a way of balance with you and the rest of the world.  We do take part in that shape of balance, in what comes and goes.  While endeavoring to make every piece of the puzzle fit right in that perfect balance of harmony, it may be to costly for you to undergo.

It doesn’t have to be like walking on a tightrope between two cliffs.  Remember, we are only human.  We need to understand the way of the natural harmony and that is to let it be.  As nature’s vines grow naturally around a garden trellis, just giving a touch of direction can help cultivate the vine in harmony.

The naturalness of harmony helps you be in that harmony.  So bring to attention the natural harmony of making our world better.  The grand harmony is in accordance to the naturalness of life and nature.

What does it matter if we do not understand the exact meaning of the grand harmony?  It is not like the bow player who touches a string and at once releases every resonance?  This is the language of beauty, this is the caress that comes from the heart of the world and goes straight to our hearts. – Rabindranath Tagore

Photo by Luis Poletti on Unsplash

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