Putting on a Mask

Taking the big leap onto a new world could seem as vast highways and byways.  Nowadays, there are big cities, media, technology, pressure from politics and many galore as well as the competition to raise the bar.  One needs to be ready in a new world to face life right in front of you.  Trying to keep up with the current news, enhancing your resume, getting ahead of the curve can shift your persona to a new perspective.

While taking on this adventure, there is a search for a way to fit into the new world.  Society has a way of putting you there, though really it just opens the door for you.  You are the brave soul who walks in.  Some how every door gives you a mask to try on.  These are the masks of the doors.  Each mask has a distinct heading that says something along the lines of “business man, painter, clergy, doctor, pharmacist, mother, father”.  Another approach “nice, mean, smart, loving, caring”.  There are many characteristics in brands and such.  It is not just one mask a person could wear, though many.  It is a layer upon layer.  These can be of positive and negative aspects.  Each mask moves you from door to door symbolizing the direction of the course of your life.

Essentially, this makes up who you are.  So when you enter a new door, you need to be aware of accepting a new mask.  You have to notice putting them on.  Imagining yourself with many characteristics of brands, it could be a bit bewilderment living like this.  Well, each mask you put on you world changes.  It is slight at first, but could be recognized when you find yourself in this situation.  Now, it’s time to move from these masks, if you have to, carry the ones you can handle.  You will find less traffic in life and you can once again feel the breeze of the road again and become better directed.  Listen to your intuition in life and be safe.

Change your thoughts and you change your world. – Norman Vincent Peale

Photo by Edouard Ki on Unsplash

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