To Understand Learning

There is a certain point where learning comes to the a corner of three walls, two left and right, and the floor you stand on.  Is there no thing you can do at this point?  It is physically impossible where there is no movement left to go.  Learning comes to a halt.  Of course, this takes it to the extreme.

When you come to that corner, just before is an edge to the boundless infinity.  The edge has no constraints or setbacks that besieges you.  In the process of learning is not applying techniques on only one thing of expertise.  As you learn and practice the art in your daily life.  You become what you learn.  It touches your essence.  Now, in every art that you come across, you do the art according to your essence.

There could be subjects or sequences that you learn, but it is only on a line of a certain modality, if you may imagine.  On that line are little steps to help you understand the work.  In the objective sense, you will then realize that your work goes beyond the sequence of techniques.  The work goes along all of life.

Keep on learning until you understand nothing and that is when you master everything.  – Tai Chi Master

Photo by John Reign Abarintos on Unsplash

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