There is a gift that I always want that would make me happy.  It is to be big or small… that is up to you.  It could cost you a pretty penny, yet should not cost you even a dime.  Asking the question, what may it be?  It may seem like a riddle or a puzzle.  A fascinating way to describe it is that it is always there in front of you and back of you.  It seems that I gave you enough of a description of what it is like.

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Beyond Shadows

There is a door that we all have an opportunity to walk through.  Once entered, shadows appears and engulf our entirety.  Yet, the shadows were there before.  Except now, the shadows become apparent.  We see them as plain as day. 

Somehow the head heavy tilts down.  Looking at the picture seems a bit dark.  In our hand, a set of keys ringed together resembles a halo if worn on the head.   

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Is it painless to write off one’s ignorance?  Maybe it is an easy way out.  Hearing from a popular saying, ignorance is bliss.  It may seem okay for going through life in this type of modality of living.  It may seem peaceful in a way..  While it is deemed ignorant as not knowing, there is a choice of ignorance.  The mode of fortune or misfortune gambles with luck.  Though, how could we really define ourselves in the mode of ignorance?  Realizing the moments you haven’t agreed to doesn’t come tasteful.

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Living With Purpose at Heart

In every moment, we are living a purpose in our life.  This goes for each moment big or small. While there are purposes before us, life goes around the way it does.  We go around with it.  Being in the momentum of purpose, we are guided in a way to help us as a whole.  This means to work together, building long-lasting relationships, and promoting the well being of us all.  This sounds only positive, but in a way when looking at the bigger scope, life aligns and heals as a whole.  While in the ascent, oriented, and purpose at heart, we can help work with life.  Giving a mutual bond, we learn about life likewise life learns about you.  Giving us purpose in each angle, we can be awake to the opportunity to touch our potential with our union with life.  Nature does nothing in vain as quoted by Aristotle, a well-known philosopher.  Live with purpose at heart.

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Laying under the Sun on a Patch of Grass

Here is a little exercise that could help you on a day feeling a bit tired.  Rest is important to help our body, mind, and spirit to be in tune with each other.  While rest is important, the balance of a coordinated, organized day can bring us to the energetic level we need.  I would like to have no excuses, still there are ways to help alleviate situation of stressing the limitations of ourselves.  This is a simple exercise.  All you need to do is to step outside, where the area is fresh.  On the lawn, a clean patch of grass you can lay.  Just lay your body on the grass.  Put your legs out and arms along.  You can imagine snow angels in the summer.  Now just be there.

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Virtues and Vices

While striving on the track to life, we need to understand our virtues as well as vices.  It is important to really know the two.  There are many virtues that can give a good model of our lives.  Virtues are deemed of having good moral principles to guide us in life.  Vices are the counter part, the opposite is another way to be heard.  The two are good and bad in a nutshell.  In the process of knowing ourselves, we need to understand the qualities of the human being.  Knowing ourselves comes to the purpose in life.

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Centering Oneself

Find your center and find your peace.  What is centering and how is it of importance to keep in practice in life?  The first that comes to mind is a state of balance.  The center is a position of completeness and it goes along the line of being neutral.  When you wake up, you are near to your center, it is a fresh start of a new day.  Your body rested, mind rested, and even spirit rested.  In a car, you are off the brakes and not on D or D2 or something else. You are in a position that doesn’t push or pull.  Picturing the center could be a temple priest sitting still amongst flowers and butterflies, chirping birds, clouds floating by across the blue sky, lovely breeze, and so on.  This might be one of those picture perfect scenes that the center could be imagined.  Though, the center courses through your veins and arteries keeping proper flow in your life.

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