There is a gift that I always want that would make me happy.  It is to be big or small… that is up to you.  It could cost you a pretty penny, yet should not cost you even a dime.  Asking the question, what may it be?  It may seem like a riddle or a puzzle.  A fascinating way to describe it is that it is always there in front of you and back of you.  It seems that I gave you enough of a description of what it is like.

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Living With Purpose at Heart

In every moment, we are living a purpose in our life.  This goes for each moment big or small. While there are purposes before us, life goes around the way it does.  We go around with it.  Being in the momentum of purpose, we are guided in a way to help us as a whole.  This means to work together, building long-lasting relationships and promoting the well-being of us all.

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