Centering Oneself

Find your center and find your peace.  What is centering and how is it of importance to keep in practice in life?  The first that comes to mind is a state of balance.  The center is a position of completeness and it goes along the line of being neutral.  When you wake up, you are near to your center, it is a fresh start of a new day.  Your body rested, mind rested, and even spirit rested.  In a car, you are off the brakes and not on D or D2 or something else. You are in a position that doesn’t push or pull.  Picturing the center could be a temple priest sitting still amongst flowers and butterflies, chirping birds, clouds floating by across the blue sky, lovely breeze, and so on.  This might be one of those picture perfect scenes that the center could be imagined.  Though, the center courses through your veins and arteries keeping proper flow in your life.

To make the center the pivotal role in our lives is the key to the practice of centering and of life.  The center is within the pivot.  The meaning is to have a reliable point that is harmonious with your life.  This is that which is absolute in a way that supports your practices and all the activities throughout.  Therefore, the works you do go around your center.  You could be riding a bike, running errands, or even out in a trip to travel the world, since you have a center that is stable, there is no means of shifting your center about.  You are moving, though your center is rooted.

While thinking about it, we all live in lives that are evolving in some way or manner.  This means there is a process of change that is going on in our lives moment to moment.  While there are these aspects, we need to bring up our center to put our lives in order.  It is ever so important to not be scattered about.  To put our lives in order is a process, though centering yourself first is a priority to make the latter go in accordance to your life.

To help bring you to the center is simple, really.  It is imperative to understand changes that move and means to return you to your center.  It is important to be aware of these changes, so you are able to minimize the gap from your center.  Therefore, there needs to be a practice of observing yourself undergoing possible changes.

How can you identify what takes you out of your center?

Change.  Change moves you from your center.  It is pretty much up there when you describe what affects you.  When you start a new task, you have to relearn the new task.  What happens in the suggestions lower such as distractions, encumbrance, etc. is in some way changing your direction.  Slight change is change.  Just make sure you take baby steps if combatting major changes.  While change could be good too, just realize what is good or bad having proper discernment.

Distractions.  Your attention is important that it defines your objective and purpose.  Away from these, your attention becomes drawn away straying you from your center..

Encumbrance.  Much hinderance.  You can only bear so much.  Imagine carrying a heavy backpack…, you will understand what is really needed at this point.  Weight.

Insecurity.  Stability is important.  Maintaining harmony and balance.  Be better skilled in the way of life.  Have a good education and support for life.

Wondering.  Torn to many directions scatters the mind.  Seeing in the dark can cause you to stumble.  Time is precious.  Trust good teacher to help guide you properly.

Extremes.  Too much in anyway is hard for the body, mind, and spirit.  This also goes for too less.

You have to be careful with what takes you away from your center, which could disconnect you from who you are.  This is when hope is compromised.  You could be floating in space with no traction at all.  At this point, you need to come back to neutral, really focus on centering, rekindle your purpose.  Remember your practice and keep on it.

What can return you to your center?

Just Being.  Releasing any baggage that weighs you personally.  Letting go of locks that you may dearly hold.  If in the midst of change, go with the flow for the time being.  Shakespeare gave a famous verse “To be or not to be that is the question”.  Just Being is a process of itself and could serve you in the roads of life.

Anatomical Position.  Leonardo Da Vinci is known for his contribution of the Vitruvian Man that illustrates the anatomical proportions of the body.  In medicine, the anatomical position is a up right standing position where your whole body is in line with each other.  Standing in this position, your limbs and joints are in relation with the whole body.

Neutral.  There is no push or pull.  No tightness or slack.  Being fresh and new.  This is a state of beginning, likewise the state of rebirth.  Calm and put together.

Confidence. Knowing what to do.  Self Esteem.  Belief in oneself.  Simply, handling situations with ease.  Being ecstatic in nature, trusting in yourself and others.

Familiarity.  Your heart is here in that you love.  The practice of coming back in that you really care about.  Friends and Family.

After years of practice in striving toward a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual way of life, the concept of centering ourselves is a practice that is apparent throughout it all.  Your energy will course throughout your body without any kinks or knots.  There is no worry for highs or lows.  It will take you out of the rocky seas and bring you to a state of calmness and clarity.

Living in your center as a way of life can balance yourself as a whole.  You balance your work and life.  Your schedule fits in proper order.  Surprises turn into pages of the grand book of your life.  Not seeing your life as a single page, though really pages of a book, the book.  Living accordance to your grand book, reading along from page to page gives yourself the flow it needs.

Being in your center is needed to rejuvenate yourself as a whole.  For us all, practicing the art of centering helps our lives cultivate in balance and will help us catch life around us.  While you are up present and awake, life is there with you.  Centering in wholeness wakes all of life.  Practice in centering ourselves!

Find your center and find your peace. – TLH

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

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