Virtues and Vices

While striving on the track to life, we need to understand our virtues as well as vices.  It is important to really know the two.  There are many virtues that can give a good model of our lives.

Virtues are deemed of having good moral principles to guide us in life.  Vices are the counterpart, the opposite is another way to be heard.  The two are good and bad in a nutshell.  In the process of knowing ourselves, we need to understand the qualities of the human being.  Knowing ourselves comes to with a purpose in life.

To do so, is not to focus only on the good aspects that which to hold ever so strongly.  We need to be aware of our vices.  To really understand our vices, then we can smooth out the creases and bumps, the rocky terrain that may prevent us to attempt to understand our very nature.

It is said to not see life in just a one color lens, however to be of all the colors.  For starters, let’s investigate our virtues as well as vices.  I would encourage for a simple exercise to write on a piece of paper, a virtue and a vice.  Reflect and contemplate those on daily life.  How is that virtue helping you in accordance to living life in agreement?  How are vices making life harder?  There is this whole push pull that occurs all the time.  We need to be aware of these to better understand the shaping of ourselves.

To know ourselves is to have an integrity with truth and thus being in balance and harmony, being in togetherness, being complete.

It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues. – Abraham Lincoln

Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

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