Laying under the Sun on a Patch of Grass

Here is a little exercise that could help you on a day feeling a bit tired.  Rest is important to help our body, mind, and spirit to be in tune with each other.  While rest is important, the balance of a coordinated, organized day can bring us to the energetic level we need.  I would like to have no excuses, still there are ways to help alleviate situation of stressing the limitations of ourselves.  This is a simple exercise.  All you need to do is to step outside, where the area is fresh.  On the lawn, a clean patch of grass you can lay.  Just lay your body on the grass.  Put your legs out and arms along.  You can imagine snow angels in the summer.  Now just be there.

You can perform a breathing exercise to help.  Just breath in and out.  Focus on your breath.  Your breath can touch the bottom of your abdomen and going around.  Bring it up and out of your mouth thus goes up all the way so fresh new air could come in.  Your eyes could be open or closed.  Just try to be in a way so your energy can go throughout your body.  The grass could feel like acupuncture throughout the body.

This is a little exercise that helped.  It saves from buying coffee all the time.  It is a natural way that doesn’t force much out of you.  Just lay under the sun for a little and rejuvenate yourself.  Hope you really like this exercise as it could help you in your day.  It helps bring you back in a pleasant way.  While it is important to be mindful of having a coordinated, organized day, there are simple and natural ways that could bring us up again to feeling fresh and new.

Photo by Eric Lagergren on Unsplash

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