The Extent of Ignorance

Is it painless to write off one’s ignorance?  Maybe it is an easy way out.  Hearing from a popular saying, ignorance is bliss.  It may seem okay for going through life in this type of modality of living.  It may seem peaceful in a way.  While it is deemed ignorant as not knowing, there is a choice of ignorance.

Though, how could we really define ourselves in the mode of ignorance?  Ignorance can make you blind to the mode of fortune or misfortune.  And it gambles with luck.  You may find it lucky to have something fortunate.  But the moments you haven’t agreed to doesn’t come tasteful.

To discover real knowledge, you have to know yourself.  The knowing is about ourselves good and bad.  This means to understand ourselves of positive and negative aspects.  Identifying what matters to you.  Understanding so helps us in the process of lifting the clothes of ignorance.

Therefore with practice and effort, gradually we can peel away the modes of ignorance and not be ceased in the process of real knowledge.  In honesty, real knowledge is to be true within ourselves and this exist beyond ignorance.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance. – Confucius

Photo by Josh Nuttall on Unsplash

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