Beyond Shadows

There is a door that we can walk through.  Once entered, shadows may appears and engulf our light.  Yet, the shadows were there before.  Except now, the shadows become apparent.  We see them as plain as day.   

Somehow the head heavy tilts down.  Looking at the picture seems a bit dark.  In our hand, a set of keys ringed together resembles a halo if worn on the head.  

Though, with careful examination, your chest, the heart is untouched by shadows.  A gentle aura picks up as steps reaching up to the unknown.

Having something in the path of our lives may seem to big to overcome.  It seems to weigh every ounce of life on it.

That is not the way to think!  Opening the door brings forth courage to face ourselves and anything behind it.  The keys you bring is at the heart where you touched within life.  It is not only you, as you turn around.  Many have shadows through that door.  We all have the heart that could touch beyond the visible.  This touches beyond shadows, forms, and such.

What weighs you?  The shadows that hinder you can just melt away.  Just let the shadows go and just like a cloud passing in the sky, it passes.  To go beyond barriers, clean the portrait of your life.  Not to be outer shadows, however come to the inner you who you truly are.

Not to be outer shadows, however come to the inner you who you truly are. – TLH

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

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