There is a gift that I always want that would make me happy.  It is to be big or small… that is up to you.  It could cost you a pretty penny, yet should not cost you even a dime.  Asking the question, what may it be?  It may seem like a riddle or a puzzle.  A fascinating way to describe it is that it is always there in front of you and back of you.  It seems that I gave you enough of a description of what it is like.

Though, introducing to another person, you can subtilely  raise this solution to life unfolding an insightful answer.


Could this be a joke?  Giving something with nothing inside could raise some humor.  Though deep down, it says something.

Walking into a new home, it gives that hallway effect.  The home is fresh and the air could breeze in and out easily.  While space is weightless, we can feel the presence of space.  The presence is subtle.  Density is felt, but when lifted you feel lighter.  It is practical and natural for all of us.  We can breath.  There is no need to not buy into things.  We can truly be focused and free altogether saving from that pretty penny giving us the assurance of peace of mind.

If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away from his desires. – Epicurus

Photo by Yong Chuan on Unsplash

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