Life Worth Living

There is an introspection that one may adventure in life.  It is to be a Living Philosophy.  Philo means love and sophy means wisdom.  Together it represents the love of wisdom.  Defining love comes from the roots of our being.  Wisdom is like knowledge, except with the touch to put our knowledge in practice within daily life.  This in turn is on the road of learning who we are.  Thus, the grand question reaches to the summit of “Who am I”.  Questions lead to describe existence, meaning, and the discovery of our very nature.

Becoming a Living Philosophy, we can dive under the surface of life, understanding in deep respect for humanity.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the stories of our life come and come again.  Moments of meaning, graces us in fulfillment in true respect of becoming a better human being.  How could we understand ourselves by and by again, without noticing color between black and white?  A day goes by in monotony and time flies away.  The term ‘time flies’ is synonymous to living asleep to the possibilities of connections.  We all have an opportunity to become awake to these connections.  In these moments, examining life, we will be in the worth of living.  Being conscious to the pacing of life around, we can reflect to our own and uncover a true understanding of our being.

A Living Philosophy is not only made up of words.  It is living in word and act.  This means that one can represent by being an example.  The example steps into being true.  Thus, living in truth we enable our inner connections linking to our outer connections.

Therefore, our respect for ourselves is one in respect with the world reaching to human connections.  This means to go above the threshold within the norms of daily life in subjectivity.  Living with purpose and caring for our future steps into living objectively.  We can understand the differences in views and make sense of our life in the grand picture.  Thus, returns us to living true to ourselves.

All it needs is to investigate life in a caring way.  The investigation involves writing down your everyday works.  Taking notes as being a good observer.  At the same time, taking an active approach in understanding ourselves with putting in the practice of philosophy.  Being a Living Philosophy, ignites the fire within to continue the adventure in front of us,  unraveling the life worth living.

The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates

Photo by Ludovic Fremondiere on Unsplash

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