Back Posture

Improper back posture leads to habits that could adhere to you for the rest of your life.  Within our body, an array of veins and arteries work together pulsing with the heart.  A well of circulation keeps us in tip top shape so organs, ligaments, etc. can get the nourishment it needs for sustainability and growth.

Hearing this may sound like of only words, though what goes on inside of us affects us in a deeper way if we don’t give the attention to this manner of malpractice.  A well known way to rebalance the integrity of the body was brought up by Ida Rolf.  She was a well known biochemist who invented “Structural Integration”, which is known as “Rolfing”.  Rolfing is a practice that allows freedom of movement, balance, and energy.  This also promotes health lessening body weight.

The basic notion is to imagine our body made up of many blocks.  Each block is stacked on top of each other.  Stacking improperly is a messy arrangement for our overall balance.  We have the potential to stand up at a greater height.  The following is a picture that portrays the blocks along our body.  Suppose we have a string from above giving alignment to ourselves.  With the string up, it all comes together, body erect, and properly standing.

Here is a simple exercise that could help you to balance the integrity of the body.  It is also a balance in awareness.  It is really good and all it needs is your will to maintain the effort of practice.  Imagine a string that comes from above, just like the example in the reading.  When the string is down, the blocks of the body is a mess.  When the string is up, the blocks of the body is balanced.  As you walk throughout your day, bring up your balance in back posture.

Good health starts with good posture. – TLH

Photo by Mathieu Turle on Unsplash

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