Centering Exercise

Before spending our day on a fulfilling weekend, there is an importance to center our wellbeing so our physical, mental and spiritual bodies could be in alignment.  This is related to our concerns, judgements, and overall functioning throughout our day.  Necessities like food and water, supplements our growth as a flower gets the nourishment from the water and dew of the earth and sun from the sky.  There is a reason for the daily needs to reconnect with life.

Let’s connect with a simple exercise to begin your day fulfilled and energized, in reestablishment, orderly, clear, and neutral to center ourselves with life.

Starting by spreading your legs from a standing tall position, feet at shoulder length and back straight up.

Slowly lift both arms up together side by side.  Slowly to let your energy within your internal body to connect with realignment of body, mind, and soul.  Be conscious of this connection, awake and aware.  At the moment of passing your shoulders, slowly move your arms down as if fanning the area in front of you in a conscious way.  Imagine your hands pressing on a cloud down clearing the air around you.  At the point where your arms and hands meet your hips,  flow your arms and hands up, lifting again.

Repeat this two more times to give a good sacred three, representing and respecting the three bodies, physical, mental, and spiritual.  As you come up, give breath.  Let a deep breath go into your abdomen.  Breathe slowly in accordance to the upwards movement, together with your arms and hands.  As your breath fills your internal, inhaling, at the point where movement passes your shoulders, release your breath, exhale.  Exhale slowly, not too fast.  Let inhaling and exhaling be a conscious process.  Let it be meaningful.  Each process sacred, thus are in connection.

Let energy come in as you inhale.  Feeling the movements in your body.  Feeling the air, from the nose, throat, organs, touching the very bottom of the stomach.  The air circulating with your belly.  The circulation gives warmth, as the air is in rhythm in you.  As you bring your air up, be conscious of where it moves.  Feel the subtle energy encompassing your body.  Letting it go, release your air.

In the center, you give your body, mind, and spirit the alignment and connection to be at a level ready to begin your day fresh with spirit.  Exercise daily as nutrients for life.  Practice in the morning waking up to help kickstart your daily life, before taking an exam, or anytime when there is a need to put order and harmony back into yourself.  Make a daily effort!

Connect with a simple exercise of centering. – TLH

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

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