Art Dusting Life

Inside the human body, there is a process of circulation coursing throughout, which is integral for sustaining life from young to old age.  A highway of veins and arteries move directly into our heart maintaining the very life we live.  The two cords as well as other functions concerns the driving force of activities coming to our heart center.

There role is understood when looking deeper into the context of veins and arteries.  Veins bring blood to the heart, life dually needs.  Arteries carry blood away from the heart in a consistent dusting of activity all in one spot.  The reasoning is clear that much activity occurs in our heart center.  Though life flows within the two direction.  It doesn’t only flow straight into heart.  It needs to be cleaned, so it can be clear.  The effort in this process helps keep our body in good health.

Arteries are the art of our body.  And as art refreshes us.  Art dusts the body giving it clarity and connection.  Dusting the mind gives it clarity and connection.  And Art dusts the soul giving it clarity and connection.  The continual process of art is  necessary to give life.  Thus, we can express in the way of art.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. – Pablo Picasso

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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