The Lessons of Ignorance

Ignorance is one of the great lessons of life.  Living in a world with your eyes closed, capable of seeing but shadows behind your eyelids, how do you go about your day?  What is the importance of seeing?  Nature provided us with the sense of sight for a reason.  To what I am referring is not the normal seeing of things.  Yet hiding from that even, there is something you need to go through to understand the appreciation of basic sight.  Ignorance is that which veils life before you.  Beneath a curtain dropped on the stage, the knowing is just beyond the sheet tailored by the great play.

There are many nuances that life can throw at a person, though you need to understand ignorance of the person in the middle.  Where there can be questions brought up by life, one should understand these questions not outwardly.  Instead, you need to go inward.  Understand yourself for you are.  Learning is a process.  Learning goes deep where it could reveal real knowledge.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It is said as a saying heard many times.  The time and energy toward learning needs to be valued.  Once understanding ignorance, you can take the step into learning the extent of one’s ignorance.  So, giving the opportunity to unfold the real to you.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance. – Confucius

Photo by Quentin Lagache on Unsplash

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