The World is a Book

While living one page at a time, sometimes I wonder about the moment completing a chapter. I don’t want a climax and definitely not a last chapter. Living life is a process. So it is a process to write our lives with each page turned. Each and every page, has its subtleties that grow with fascination. What type of book are you living? Is it an adventure, mystery, suspense, romance, thriller, fiction or non-fiction?

Sometimes life we need to make sense of life with all the nuances these and it may seem as though we are rereading from page to another to help. Living in the world of media, techies, business industry, and pop culture, by the way with politics as well, how could we able to focus with our own our life?

Staying on a single page too long can lose retention for potential readers. So lets continue to give our book the fresh appeal it deserves. Life up to date can keep you living with inspiration. Realize that life as a book, not a page. This in turn reveals life in the bigger picture sense. Thus, you live and write progressively.

When you are writing your life, who are you writing for? Being specific is key, especially in purpose. Be directed in your writing and make sure it is not repeating the same old things, unless it is truly pivotal to your life purpose. Within the nature of our lives as a book, reveals a greater understanding for us, giving meaning, and a compass to let us continue in writing the great book called life.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
– Saint Augustine

Photo by Kiwihug on Unsplash

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