Old and Wise

After many passing years, there is an age where a person is considered to be old.  It could be the pores on the skin with signs of wrinkles.  Or it could be the movement constricted due to a bad back.  There could be gray hairs on the head settled amongst the scalp.  There is a time realizing when a person is old enough.  Though, during this time, a person can be old and wise.

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Movement Worthwhile

While there are many chances to make a step forward in life, we need to make it worthwhile.  The little efforts trying to tell the story of our lives, may put us in the subject toward the path of a greater good.  Bringing up life, we need to pay close attention to quality versus quantity.  There is a quality of actions that we do.  Each action we touch upon has a power.  Though, the discerning ability between quality or quantity matters.  Putting all your eggs into one basket can help, though be sure that it is in good care.  Quantity is a bit obvious, though look not at many to spread you thin.  Instead, the importance of support is in great need for our life.

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