Movement Worthwhile

While there are many chances to make a step forward in life, we need to make it worthwhile.  The little efforts trying to tell the story of our lives, may put us in the subject toward the path of a greater good.  Bringing up life, we need to pay close attention to quality versus quantity.  There is a quality of actions that we do.  Each action we touch upon has a power.  Though, the discerning ability between quality or quantity matters.  Putting all your eggs into one basket can help, though be sure that it is in good care.  Quantity is a bit obvious, though look not at many to spread you thin.  Instead, the importance of support is in great need for our life.

A dock above  the water’s edge, helps so that a boat is ready without having to graze the bottom of the sandy shore.  The dock is supported with wooden poles.  It is supported with a  balance that is needed to accommodate weight and the movement of the waters.  Well placed wooden beams raises the platform in safety from waves below.  Quality strengthens withstanding wear and tear, vulnerability, deficiency, and corrosion.  Learning the ways of quality makes a difference.  When you step into life, make sure that your steps are strong and supported.  This is so that we don’t make a wasted effort.  Each step is a potential toward worthwhile efforts.  Be sure that our movements are worth it.

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.
– Buddha

Photo by Paul Carmona on Unsplash

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