Applying ourselves toward life is like acting upon with the definition of intelligence.  Intelligence is our ability to acquire and use knowledge as well as skill.  It is a system of building, laying the foundations to create an understanding and cohesiveness to interact.  The interaction creates a bond between you and life.  Life being for what and also who you are in connection with.

In laymen terms, if we would pile our intelligence without fulfilling a continuous relationship that circles the potential we learn, the only growth spans outward, and opportunity wanes.  It could seem that something is missing.

Exercising our intelligence in obtaining, also needs the exercise in applying.  There are factors that we are exercising beyond what we normally see.  Such could include momentum.  The momentum helps create consistency.  Willpower can help keep our rhythm going.  Confidence brings us to a better independent nature of ourselves.

Therefore before beginning the road toward a brighter degree of intelligence, on the road toward success needs an inner spark to bridge the gap between knowledge and true potential into activating life.  Bringing in the awareness of the process of educating ourselves to a higher esteem, we can solve the conundrum of a bunched parking lot of know-how ideas into putting our efforts toward paving intelligence to the potential deserved.  Thus, we can reopen our contact with life.

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. – Salvador Dali

Photo by Lysander Yuen on Unsplash

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