Inside my home, I hear speckles of rain falling on the floor in a constant melody. On the roof a puddle builds in the linings of trickled water, sending a splash onto the face of the concrete paved closed to the sliding glass door. The fence that holds the privacy of the backyard is wet on the top. For the boards that stick out, they catch each dew drop applied by the heavens. Yet when I gaze from the back, not seeing it all openly, the majority is dry, but I could imagine it to be cold if I would attempt touching. This may sound like a picture of an ordinary rainy day that we may have in common. Though, the question pulses within the kinds of inspection. Where is the beauty in that of a rainy day?

While at my desk, it may seem to be a lack of beauty describing a portrait that is easily a norm of everyday life. Not giving a meaningful thought of the arrangement of beauty upon the eyes causes a dim perspective in understanding. Wonder, excitement, or even the playful relations of the experience would be foreign to the opportunity of the interaction with black and white and what is in between.

To be honest, I am still defining what beauty is. There could be definitions or other fashions of the concept of beauty that can be understood or much to comprehend. Though, the first spark of beauty is that it is a connection. It is a connection to the beyond with the grace of life. It is a deep understanding of our inner self. Our inner self becomes connected to that we see, touch, feel. It could as well be reaching to our imagination and higher thought. Though even though there are words that could explain the phenomena of beauty, it delivers beyond words to an eternal harmony of spirit.

How could we describe beauty within the context of a rainy day? Or how about in the way everyone may see it. Life could go by with a blink of an eye. It could be unnoticed. What it needs is thought. A thought can connect us to beauty. It initiates the connection to imagination and consciousness. It is as lighting a candle in a dark room to give light. Thought turns on the fields of awareness activating a signal. Suppose a radar screen scans an area, the thought gives rise to a coordinate on the radar. It stirs this field. The beauty is not just anything of the ordinary. All your attention shifts toward the focal point. It becomes the very focus.

While beauty can be perceived with a never ending cycle of captivation of a powerful force within life, it helps a stimulus of the interaction with the potential beyond the surface. The interaction works together with all part of the spectrum, though doesn’t hinder the relationship pushing off to other tones. It maintains a delicate manner. It is very important. This is to maintain the integrity without changing your initial drive through your experience.

Moreover, beauty is the art that is connected to our soul. Touching deep within the layers of life, there is a great power of our humanity. It can be hidden like of the rainy scene described. Though we can notice it through the curtains strung above the glass door. It just needs a little glance just over your shoulder, giving to a moment for opportunity to connect.

During a rainy day when it seems that beauty is hiding from view it is only because you are not giving it the recognition to access it. All it needs is an essential moment of connection. There is always a moment of beauty in front of us, we just need to give it the opportunity.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. – Confucius

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

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