There are many truths in life.  In the mind, we can discover great possibilities.  The facets of life open up with warmth pouring forth what life has to offer.  The reasons why we can discover so much is that all we need to do is to shift the perspective of our own thought to open our minds to a greater world.  Life could be mysterious, though the essence of how life works reveals the mystery.  Knowledge and wisdom becomes great tools during the connection within.

While understanding the mind, we could be barely scratching the surface of who we are.  Much focus of the physical body was already mapped out through various sciences, though the mental body is largely unknown.   Understanding the mind through psychology could help.  Though, grazing only the tip of the iceberg is an external interpretation.  To figure how the mind works, the internal process needs to be unfolded.

The mechanisms has gears that make things work.  Though a mechanic would know outright how to fix a problem.  It would not be easy for anyone to do this line of duty.  Each part has its place.

Thus, to unravel the great mysteries, the essence needs to be discerned.  The essence is the necessary within some nature.  Finding the essence is as finding the roots.  There is a piece that a seed needs to grow into a sprout.  That essence is water.  This may be obvious, though it is only a perspective.  For those in need, an investigational commitment connects to the heart of the mystery.

There is an essence in all things, though a great starting point to investigating life, the mind, and nature is to find the root.  From there the essence unfolds and we are able to progress with better clarity..

The energy of the mind is the essence of life. – Aristotle

Photo by nic on Unsplash

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