Loving and Caring

In our lives, in a pursuit of love, we can cultivate a great understanding of what it is in the connection to others.  It seems that the differences that we may have with others is similar to our own self.

Though practicing in the respecting art of the connection, we can be loving and caring.  To understand love is very important.  However, love is just a piece of the puzzle.  Love is the right component to everything in life.  It needs to go hand in hand with caring.  Caring is enduring and becomes essential to life.

While we can understand the differences brought about with love, we need to join with a caring principle to life.  Love and caring can help bring the pieces together uniting a greater understanding with what is true in our hearts, a union of life and our nature.

To love is to understand and feel that the other person is different. – Swami Prajnanpad

Photo by Isaac Benhesed on Unsplash

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