A person undergoes much in the modern world.  With all the aspects of your physical and psyche fine tuning to the inhabitants of daily life, you become prone to this feeling of sensibility.  How intriguing it is to notice that life raveling in the mix over the fingertips?  Defining sensibility is a trial of discovering your true nature.  This is a discover of yourself.

To discover yourself is necessary to understand what is really around us.  Life is like a story of a bird in a cage.  Though, the cage has no lock.  Therefore, does it need a key?  Around us are opportunities of life and nature.  If viewing grey or subtle tones, how could we understand what is really here?  There is an interaction open to us, yet we need to be open as well.  There is a community here and now.  The connections from friends, families, and even others are here too.  Understanding who we are is at the basis and truly makes life worth living.

Sensibility is the capacity to feel, recognize, and distinguish the most tiny and subtle changes. – Swami Prajnanpad

Photo by Vincentiu Solomon on Unsplash

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