Clang.  Clang.  Clang.  A loud noise hits the iron surface.  Smothering heat and gas fills the surrounding area.  Piping hot, auburn red, beating dents are of the elements to describe the work at hand, yet all while a warm glow kindly emits from a metal rod.  A hammer yet again hits upon the surface smoothing the cylinder to make the form it was suppose to appear.  This is a pivotal time to make a piece of rod from what forms in the mind to a true possibility.  Of course, there is an intended form from the beginning to the end.  Though what comes to thought is that there is a process from creating a blue print, connecting these thoughts to a real arrangement.  The road map helps build the wonder in the mind, though craftsmanship helps the integrity of the whole project.

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For the Better *

We can try, try, and try in what we do.  It could be a wall hindering us.  Straight ahead a wall built just as high as you are.  Though, moving in the unknown, there is no wall to see.  Working hard, you push your body to the limits.  Working hard, you push your mind to the limits.  While in your try, this wall keeps hitting into you, or rather you keep hitting into it.  Nevertheless, you try your earnest in all you can.  As you feel around, subtle at first, you notice that a wall is in front of you.  You feel the edges and layered grooves.  As you feel around, you find where the vertical and horizontal coincides.  Picking yourself up to the level above, it turns out that it was a step for you to begin again new to the better.  Do the best you can in all that you do.
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The Flower Sermon

Buddha picked a flower in front of the followers…

Toward the end of his life, the Buddha took his disciples to a quiet pond for instruction. As they had done so many times before, the Buddha’s followers sat in a small circle around him, and waited for the teaching.

But this time the Buddha had no words. He reached into the muck and pulled up a lotus flower. And he held it silently before them, its roots dripping mud and water.

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