Presence *

If you ever taught a class, it is really great when students are actively participating.  Getting a class where everyone is ready, listening, speaking, and engaged.  It works both ways that the teacher is also ready, listening, speaking, and engaged.  Where all are interactive with each other.  It is quite lovely!

When you step in a door to meet friends, you step into a circle of where your presence becomes known.  Your poles magnetically stands up right aligned and linked.  You have a moment to share a story about the everyday occurrences or possibly a happenstance of miraculous events that stirs up.  The conversation flows from one to another from there.  Within the array of fun and games, sometimes a person might tune out.  Maybe due to the something on the mind, bridging language, or the infamous phone games.  Well, whatever excuse it might be, to have a connecting circle, in some way we must be part of the pack.

It is important to step in and participate, everyone has something to give.  It could be as simple as complimenting what someone is wearing, asking about how’s it been, current events, weekend activities, and sharing something that sparked you.  It begins small and with practice, we can pickup better on transitioning to better ways to engage.  The groups becomes together.

Presence gives you an opportunity to meet cohesiveness.  Like a droplet meeting a another, sharing itself and thus expands.  In a way, we are all like a dew of water or better yet, we are like a burning dew.  Each with an inner warmth and an opening to sharing our warmth with one and another.

“Presence is more than just being there.” – Malcolm Forbes

Original Published Date: Sep 9, 2016

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