Bitter Sweet Effort

There are many skills we can learn on a number of different things.  When you have won the greatest difficulty teaching yourself everyday this skill, the many fruits of your hard earn efforts come to life.  A skill like this is not built in a day.  The effort becomes your stronghold.

With all that effort, there are trials between the lows and highs.  Soughting the world of its glory, takes much much after every attempt and could be a bit tough.  It’s not always easy to see what breezes by.  The process can be a bit painstaking conjuring the work toward building to what you are trying to acquire.  It could be another long road way forth in the journey.  You could be thinking like hiking a mountain, but only it’s hill after hill.  Determination is very important while paving a road ahead of you.  Don’t lie on the ground just yet, because the effort you keep trying has what you are pursuing.

Why is patience so bitter?  It could be the tenacious mentality to wrap around your pursuit.

Does it have to be bitter?  As long as you let it.

What about bitter sweet?  Bitter and Sweet are on the tails of the spectrum.

Though, in philosophy there is the yin and yang.  The yin and yang comprises the union that brings about the nature of the universe, the universal law.  The universe would not be ascertained if missing the key to the harmonious relationship.  Remember, that there is a yin in the yang and yang in the yin.

Seeds are planted and watered to grow.  During the period of maturation, there is an opportunity to cultivate the potential inside.  This is the key to help flourish the process to bring the character of spirit.

After the work has been done and the skill obtained.  It becomes what it finally can turn out as.  The skill, effort if you may, will form.

Thus, the opportunity is to create a skill for betterment can be meaningful.  It doesn’t have to be an empty shell.  The bitter sweet gives a texture to the experience.  The process might not taste so great, though it could go beyond the bland.  Nevertheless, it serves a great continuity of meaning.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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