Quality of Change *

When we really look upon ourselves in the entirety of life, we live in a constant evolution.  From one form to the next, there is an ever changing quality that repeats itself.  In the modern days, we have our technology, evolving from one form to the next.

For instance, our phones keep coming up with better features, though even with all the features the root purpose is the primary purpose for the phone, which is to connect us to each other.  With techs getting better and better, what is really constant in technology?  The point is not to look at the wheels and deals of apps and more.  Instead, it seems that change translates to the better.  Change could be good or bad, though being hard to see the better close, with a good overview, you can have a better understanding what better is.  Better could even translate in way, though in the entirety of life, it would be in harmony and balance in humankind and our universe.

There is nothing permanent except change. – Heraclitus

Photo by Levi Price on Unsplash

Original Published Date: 3/4/2018

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